gratitude week

gratitude week: day seven

DSCN0247-007on this day of rest

i am grateful

for introspection

a time to look


and search

for what may be amiss

as i reflect on


in life

recent and past

thankful for all

even the hard lessons

not so easy

but have helped to form

who i am..

memories of a baby boy

born to me this day

thank you young man..

for the privilege

of being your mother

for family and friends

reminders of growth

for the sweet transparent

and grateful


that shared this week

thank you..

to all that read and follow

thank you!

for life that pleases

but always enough unease

to  keep me looking


lifting  praise

and thanksgiving

 from my quiet corner of the world..

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While some of us are waiting for signs of Spring to make an appearance, my pretty neighbor and her little girl are awaiting for the birth of…. baby sister or brother. I will keep you guessing.. The blessed event will be at the end of the month. Their affection for each other is sweetly displayed in this photo.

I remember the days of waiting during the last trimester. Sometimes the days seemed to move in slow motion and my body also moved in slow motion too.  Little miss spent some time with me on this day. It was a fun time for both of us, but not quite as special as seeing mom and being by her side..