S’mores and More

We had visitors from California a few days after Christmas. For about six of those days, all was lively in our household. Our cats had not seen that kind of activity in our home, for a very long time. They decided to spend most of their time under a bed. For two of the youngsters, it was a first time visit to Oregon. It was special to spend quality time with all of them. We had delicious meals prepared by the California chefs and it seemed that after they left, I kept finding little food gifts in our cupboards. There was a lot of laughter and many opportunities to observe little hands at work, putting legos and puzzles together. Their grandpa G is still needing medical attention. It will be a lengthy time frame of more surgery and recovery in the coming months. Their visit was a blessing and a high point for us.


She Ruled the Roost

This girl, such a smart savvy feline that occupied our home and hearts since 2009.

She and her crew often wandered over to our home.

I recognized leadership skills in her, when she was very young. I don’t think that I can express all that she meant to me, to us at this time. What I can say, is that she was smart as a whip, entertaining and curious. She was playful and she was very quick to train us on her preferences. Out of the four cats that we had, she was the social butterfly and didn’t run and hide when we had company.

A little snow, no problem.

Where have you been young lady?

Dear Ally, thank you for filling our lives with your charm and often making us laugh, at your shenanigans. We will be lost for awhile, until we get our bearings. You will always be missed, but I am thankful, for all the many memories, we have to hold in our hearts.


Prepare for Lift Off

We recently had the pleasure of young life come to visit. It livened us up and for several days, our blood flowed as it hadn’t in a long time. I had opportunity to be silly and participate in silly songs and actions. Grandpa G got to lighten up a little I mean a lot, we ventured out to places that we had not been too for a while. We were delighted to finally meet Chloe. Big brother Corbin was very much intrigued by what he saw at Evergreen Aviation and Space Museum. I enjoy capturing those moments, that make me wonder what they are thinking about at the time..