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Weekly Photo Challenge: Gone But Not Forgotten

A gentle man I met in 2011. He sparked something in my heart and for that reason I have posted his picture a few times over. In life we often have brief encounters with people, and it is just for a moment that we meet. Then, there are friendships formed but dissolve over the years. There was a special bond, but life changes, we move on, but the warm memories stay in our hearts and are not forgotten.

DSCN5999-003A kind man…

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DSC_0029innocence is not gone

although the media portrays

there is not sweetness

from youth of today…

DSC_0006those that display life-styles


they cannot compare

to those of beauty within

DSC_0009that vie not for attention

they are content

to be gracious at heart

willing to work


lend a hand


and gentle

can say


 much more


are admirable


for all

 to display..



Color Me Pink

I have been so excited about seeing a Hollyhock growing in our garden. I have had to be patient, as I had no idea what color was going to appear. Lo and behold it is Pink. One of my top favorite colors.

DSCN8783Pink represents to me purity and innocence. It reminds me of the softness of a newborns skin. Tiny fingers and tiny toes. The sweetness of a baby wrapped up in a soft flannel blanket and the smell of baby powder. Pink..fragile and delicate.

DSCN8808Clothe me today in Pink, may there be a sweet fragrance of humility and gentleness towards humanity,not harsh and demanding. Thank you.. Pink, for reminding me of what I want to be…