Short and Sweet

Yes, that’s me..but I am referring to February. The month of my birth… as of yesterday, 23,360 days youngish at heart. Today I am savoring the sweet day I had, blessings that came my way. Thankful to embrace the days of my life.


Homespun Kindness

A little package came my way yesterday. In a world that seems to be very indifferent and troubled, my heart was touched by the kind gesture of one whom I have come to know through the world of blogging.


I collected stamps when I was a child. The opening up of my gift conjured up memories of getting stamps in the mail when I was about nine.


There are an assortment of very cool stamps.


For it is in the giving that we receive

                                                          St. Francis of Assisi

Free Write Friday: Childhood Gift

Little did I know that when I entered my classroom, for the new school year in 1960, that it would be the best school year of my life. I was a small child for being a fourth grader, and kind of shy too. What I really liked about the first day of school was getting to wear a new outfit, or at least a new pair of shoes and a new pair of socks. It gave me a boost that I did not normally display. Miss Smith greeted each of us at the door. Her smiled comforted my nervousness. She was tall, blonde and in my eyes beautiful. This is not the first time I have written about this special woman. I will continue to brag about her when given the opportunity. What she gave to me that school year was love and acceptance. She never showed a glimmer of anger and was even-tempered every day. I don’t think I knew what poised meant, but I recall that she always stood with her shoulders back and wore blouses and skirts, as though she had stepped of charm school or something. The highlight of the school year was when she introduced us to classical music. I had never heard of Beethoven or Tchaikovsky, but I learned about them and got to listen to the music of these fascinating individuals. When we had our music time I was carried away to far off places in my thoughts.  On top of that we went on a field trip to the Huntington Library where I got acquainted with famous painters. Because of this introduction in my young life I went on to study dance, just kidding. No, but what it did was give me knowledge and appreciation for the arts. It was all unfamiliar to me and not what we had listened to at home.  My young ears took in the sound of music and loved it. My heart took in this teacher’s acceptance of a little insecure girl and that was truly a wonderful gift.. Miss Smith you  made a huge impression in my life and I am eternally grateful for that experience.

misssmith-001For Free Write Friday, write about your most memorable childhood gift. Was it a Christmas gift? A Birthday gift? Was it something you really wanted or was it a surprise that ended up holding a sentimental place in your heart. What do you remember? How did it make you feel. To participate link with Kellie Elmore for #FWF