Free Write Friday

I’m still in the race

but I am getting very behind

i’m missing some days and really

need to find them..

have you seen monday, tuesday and wednesday

and while you are at it, i need thursday too..

they seem to keep missing, as to disappear

outta the blue..

now I’m working on the pounds i gained, but it’s nothing new

i really do fear that they will want to stick around..

maybe i need to run faster and pick up my pace

and stop missing and losing

so i don’t get left behind standing on third base..


three quote challenge

3 Day Quote: day three


I am completing day three, of the quote challenge. I must admit, that I have enjoyed searching for quotes. The are many morsels of words to chew on. I consider myself to be a flexible person. So in my style, I am ending the challenge with not having followed directions. I choose to call it flexibility.. Lol! Well, it wasn’t funny in high school. Anyway it has been fun.. and thank you for reading.