weekly photo challenge

Weekly Photo Challenge: Resilient

dsc_0041-001These barn doors were used as back drops for a photo shoot.  I have limited experience using a tripod. We had our share of laughter, as I ran to pose and act natural. So funny!  We often pass this beautiful barn, and all of the time whiz by. My photograph does not give justice to the beauty of the wood. The challenge for this week at the Daily Post is Resilient. It makes me think of this old barn, that Mr. G, thinks was used for milking cows. I am sure it has weathered many storms, and still it stands, with untold stories, that I will never know about. When I ponder on the word resilient, it makes me think about butterflies…

dsc_0314That travel hundreds of miles to reach a certain destination. Sometimes they are so battered, that I wonder how they can keep flying. That includes birds too. I think of Mr. G, who blew out his knee in the early eighties and then developed an infection in it years later. He was told that it would be best to remove his leg. He resisted that consideration and sought out alternative options.

dscn5513And years later here he stood, what felt for me, like we were on top of the world. We are not serious hikers, but when we do, we enjoy the experience, despite, getting out of breath, getting lost a few times and running out of water. People, animals, mammals and insects are resilient. We can bounce back from hardship, sorrow and loss. I must add that as human beings we have a responsibility to protect those that have no voice…  We are meant to overcome and maybe we don’t hear about it often enough, about those that persevere despite insurmountable circumstances.



Staying Afloat


Several days ago I was at the VA Hospital with my husband. I opted to sit outside to watch the geese and ducks. It was sweet to observe this mother duck with her ducklings. There were ten altogether. I spoke to a gentleman and he told me that there is some kind of fish in the small lakes that will kill the babies and that the water turtles will too. My heart sank.. Today I have heard from a friend that there is flooding in Alberta where she lives and she has asked for prayer. There are fires that have caused devastation and there are families that are hurting from loss and problems. Each of us is given so many days  and sometimes the load gets heavy. These little ducklings are trusting that they will be ok and be with their mama and live out their lives doing what ducks do. In my heart I want to protect all from hurt,but in my knowing I know that we all have our own unique path to live out. It comes with various experiences, it comes with sorrow, sadness, joy,love, beauty, inspiration and more. Stand strong in your affliction be grateful for the simple things in life and learn and grow as a human being to bring comfort to others in their time of need.