weekly photo challenge

Weekly Photo Challenge: Off Season

For this challenge we have been encouraged to share something that represents Off Season to us. Krista mentions that we are free to interpret this theme loosely. So, I would say, that’s just what I am doing. In the early sixties I was in junior high. I went to Nellie N. Coffman Junior High School in Palm Springs, California. A good friend from that time recently posted a picture of us. It was one that I didn’t have, so it was fun to reminisce. It turns out that I have had a book about Nellie Coffman and so I put the following together. It was a time that is no more.. a season in my young life.

2015-06-11 0041

I may be stretching it a bit here, but it’s what came to me, and besides here’s some good information on Nellie right here.

opal whiteley

Mystery Woman

DSCN6285While changing channels last night I caught the tail end of a documentary on this woman painted on the wall, in the town of Cottage Grove, Or. We had stopped there on our way home one rainy afternoon to get a glimpse of the town. I took the opportunity to take as many photos as I could, despite being challenged by raindrops. I was across the street from this building and did not get a really good look at it. I recall wondering who she was. Well that was in June of 2014. To my surprise as I began watching the program, it gave me a great deal of information on the woman on the wall. Her name is Opal Whiteley. I hope that you will look her up, as she certainly has some interesting history behind her. I am including a few other photos of what we saw that day.

DSCN6276DSCN6277DSCN6280I really appreciate observing what residents contribute artistically to their community.


A Horse Is A Horse

This photo is what I call a drive by. My husband drives and I take pictures as we fly by. Maybe I should call it fly by.. I look forward to someday taking photos of horses when I am not in the car. They are magnificent animals. I care very much about them. In a particular neighborhood I had noticed a rather thin looking horse, that didn’t appear to be cared for. I felt sorry for it and it looked lonely. I am happy to say that it now has a friend to hangout with. They are probably not neglected but as I get older my heart seems to get mushier and more sensitive. Just like I care about wild horses being rounded up to slaughter and used for horse meat. I don’t write this because I have all of the details and I am going by what I occasionally hear about.


Horses have been depended upon for transportation as well as pack mules for years and years.  The other day I was wondering about the mules used at the Grand Canyon and how many trips they have to make in their day, and then I was concerned about the weight limit and hoped they don’t wear themselves out carrying heavy people.. I have no experience with horses but do recall day dreaming about galloping through a field of sunflowers, just kidding. Well, not necessarily with sunflowers but just experiencing being on one. I wrote a poem called I Wanna Be a Cowgirl a few years ago. My girlish heart still sometimes thinks that..but even if it is not meant to be, I will always carry high regard for these incredible animals.

cinco de mayo

Cinco de Mayo

Throughout the United States, Cinco de Mayo is being celebrated by the Mexican/ American population with various kinds of festivities. It gives me the perfect opportunity to share a few more photos that I took in March. I continue to experiment with editing and other forms of photo art and even with deciding what fonts appeal to me.. Yes, I am under construction as I learn, grow and explore in the area of photography. This little girl amused herself as she waited for her moment to perform by twirling and moving about. Little did she know that I was being entertained by the beauty of her spontaneous movement.


My thoughts are with all children throughout the world, that all of their needs be met and that they may have much laughter and joy in their lives.