Sunday Soul Search

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On a side note, I personally think it is a wise thing to check our hearts. I know from experience, that if I ignore my inner thought life, my thinking can go askew. Unhealthy thinking can fester and before long our thought life can do downhill. If you are struggling, confide in someone that has a listening ear, and that can offer you sound counsel.


img_0157-003captive thoughts

set them free

if they don’t make you feel better

they must flee

only occupiers of space

that control your mind

 makes you think

that all is fine

let the light of truth come in

and that’s when true freedom will begin..

                                          r gould

Last night, before I went to bed, I read about some concerns in our community, regarding those, that have been seen abusing their dog in public. It was disturbing! I hate to think that anyone is abused, man, woman, child, baby, animal. From what I read it seemed that very little can be done when seeing someone kick their dog. What can be done? I would like the truth to this, please…Thank you!