Beside Still Water

Earlier I observed this little bird, land on the birdbath. Bathing didn’t seem to be a priority. It appeared to just want to rest. That is my focus as well, today. On the tenth of this month, it will be seven months that we relocated from a house with a larger front and backyard.  Our goal was to downsize and garden on a smaller scale,and to get closer to the Veterans Hospital in Portland.  As in previous homes we have transformed our smaller backyard and I am so happy that the birds have begun to visit. We must have a sign that says, Birds are Welcome Here..

Mister G, had surgery almost two weeks ago. He will be on antibiotics until the infection in his shoulder clears up and then go back for more surgery. After this there will be no more lifting rocks, digging holes and gardening will be limited. So the cook and sometime dishwasher is down and mother hen is keeping a watchful eye on him, as he has a tendency to want to do too much. So for today, while he catnaps, I will be putting my feet up, on my favorite all purpose coffee table, and enjoy the quiet of my day…


Event Full

I think most of us have hopes and dreams tucked away in our hearts. For most of my years of being a grandmother, I have been a long distant one. If it wasn’t many miles there have been other circumstances. So, I have not been the doting grandma, able to hold and rock the baby in my arms or take them to the library as I used to observe other grandmother’s when I was working at a library. But with what opportunity I have had, I have made the most of it and held each experience dear to my heart.This weekend was eventful and I had 24 hours of full-time grandmothering and after the sweet girls left I found out that one of my daughter’s delivered her first child. I thank the Lord! Mr.G  got discharged from the hospital on Saturday and has a brand new shoulder replacement and so lots of excitement. My cup is full and overflowing…

DSCN6584DSCN6595I had extra little hands to experiment with creative endeavors

DSC_0050Little girl in green was determined to be a squirrel whisperer

DSC_0086I love seeing children at play and being childlike, like they are supposed to be

DSC_0077Gentle and quiet, big sister

DSC_0080Unique in their own way


Surely goodness and loving kindness shall follow me all the days of my life, And I will dwell in the house of the Lord forever. Psalm 23:6


We’re getting There

imageWe will call this home, in Sweet Home, Oregon. We will soon have Internet, phone and television service. The container with our stuff should arrive by the 21rst and washer and dryer to follow. I am thankful for the safe journey and look forward to getting back to my creative endeavors…


Is the Grass Greener

I don’t know if it’s ants in my pants or what..but ever since I have been bitten by the world of blogging I have had a penchant to explore and set up a blog or two, only to find that it wasn’t quite what I was looking for. Much of the adventure, for me is in the design aspect and how I want it to appear to readers. So, once again I set out on a quest and now I invite you dear friends to visit me, where I thought perhaps the grass is greener. Of course I jest with you as WordPress has been a great experience and has opened the door for me to meet wonderful, inspirational and creative individuals..Yes, I mean you! I may have to make a decision on down the road..You will find me, Ramble Ann here. Eventually this will coincide with our plans for the days ahead.


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