Texture Tuesday: Free and Easy

I did not have the understanding about this piano until I spoke to the young man playing and singing. Please read here about the pianos that were dispersed throughout the City of Corvallis for a Music Festival. As I observed this young father, he was very relaxed as he played.

2014-08-17 0011

The theme for  Texture Tuesday  is Free and Easy. For many of us summer days are fleeting and soon children will be starting school. Vacation time is over and its  time to get back to reading, writing and arithmetic.


kk_febtrio11-001life takes a toll

on all that we know

life is not funny

some days are not sunny

there are lessons to learn

tears that are shed

from turbulent times

we may fear

or dread

from the unknown

of what’s ahead..

but as i gaze

on the face of this flower

it reminds to stand strong

at this time and hour

it’s time to reflect

and not neglect

to look inside my heart

that peace of mind

is what i will find

when i commit

to pray…

 r gould

Texture Tuesday: B&W

2014-05-007I am participating with others over at Kim Klassen’s Texture Tuesday. The theme is Black and White. I think I will call this image, From the Past. I didn’t realize what kind of chair this young lady was sitting in, until now. So, it looks like she may deep in thought wondering how she ended up sitting in this weird-looking place. My imagination is to blame for this. This is another photo I captured while in the passenger seat.

Tis the Season To Be Jolly

I am linking with Kim Klassen for Texture Tuesday. Take a peek at her lovely array of Textures that she offers.

2013-11-10 0015This one looks pretty washed out but to me it looks like a postcard that’s been around for a while

2013-11-10 0016These images no near depict what’s on my heart this morning. I am sometimes baffled, but not surprised by the response or behavior of a human being. I look at my own heart and I think of a song that states ” I look into my heart”… I always check my heart and look at its status. There are things to let go of…and when I do I am on my way to a healthier heart.

Texture Tuesday


Flowers for you today! I am using texture from Kim Klassen’s site, for Texture Tuesday. I love the look that it gives these photos.


As I think about where I was with photography a few years ago and have advanced with using new techniques, it gives me a sense of satisfaction. I am thankful for all that I have learned along the way. I value all of you that read and follow this blog. I wish you all a most wonderful Thanksgiving Day!  May Peace and Joy be with you and yours!