Getting to Know You

I have never been one to just jump in to get involved in community activities or functions easily.  By nature I am on the quiet side but can get quite chatty, usually one on one, when the opportunity arises. I took the plunge recently and decided to join our local Senior center painting class. The sweet lady that talked me into it, had such enthusiasm for the class, that I found it rather convincing, as she shared the details. Yesterday, was the last day of instruction from the teacher, whom they all had gotten to know from previous classes. I came in at the tail end of the class, but was able to participate and learn a few techniques from Jennifer. The following are pictures of what we all had accomplished as of yesterday.




DSCN1579All of the ladies use acrylic and I was the only one using watercolor. Yes, my humble attempt is pictured here. I have very little experience with painting but am at a place in life where all of a sudden I want to learn a lot of things.. Better Late Than Never…Besides the company is delightful and just makes me want to keep going back.. Thank God for new beginnings..

opal whiteley

Mystery Woman

DSCN6285While changing channels last night I caught the tail end of a documentary on this woman painted on the wall, in the town of Cottage Grove, Or. We had stopped there on our way home one rainy afternoon to get a glimpse of the town. I took the opportunity to take as many photos as I could, despite being challenged by raindrops. I was across the street from this building and did not get a really good look at it. I recall wondering who she was. Well that was in June of 2014. To my surprise as I began watching the program, it gave me a great deal of information on the woman on the wall. Her name is Opal Whiteley. I hope that you will look her up, as she certainly has some interesting history behind her. I am including a few other photos of what we saw that day.

DSCN6276DSCN6277DSCN6280I really appreciate observing what residents contribute artistically to their community.

mental health

Desperate Measures

I have had a great time setting up props for experimental photo shoots. I have to laugh at myself for the following. The title of this posts reveals the extent I went to for the look. I am not a painter but I have a desire and I have some of the necessary tools. You can laugh with me, if you’d like…


2015-02-19 003

Winter looms and for some it is no laughing matter. My heart goes out to all that are not seeing light on the horizon.. This time can test ones patience and as I have been experiencing a mental low and slight struggle, I realize that I am the one that has to take the steps to do those things that make my heart merry.. Letting my inner creativity come out to play makes my heart merry. Reading a good wholesome book makes my heart merry. Taking time to pray and mediate makes my heart merry. Letting go of what I have no control over will make my heart merrier… The four seasons will either bring out the best in us or the worst. That is life as each of us go through our own personal seasons. No one else can do it for us.. If we faint not we will reap so much. And as the spring flowers bloom, we will be right there amongst them, blooming and looking pretty good.


Rain in the City

We had to go back to Portland again. We have not learned to have an umbrella in the car with us at all times. We have a few things to learn about life in Oregon. Anyway, I have a few in the car photos to share. We did locate a place to park our car. It was worth the amount we paid to leave it in one place.