This container that looks kind of small here will be delivered to us on Friday.My(our) everything is in it…We stuffed it to the brim and will have to unload it in two days.I really look forward to not having to sit on the floor to use our computer. Gas was plumbed in today for stove and it should get here next week. My stomach tells me it’s time for regular home cooked meals and vegetables.


Bad Hair Days

DSCN3626-001We have been packing and filling up a container that was delivered on Monday. My attire is the same each day, nothing fancy, just layers for warmth. In this kind of weather my hair can get kind of wild-looking. The dampness sends a message to each strand and says it’s time to party. I will miss the expertise of the proprietor of this salon. He is an artist and knows how to tame my hair. For right now I am forgoing the thought of trying to look nice. I don’t, and that is the truth. Moving always entails making a huge mess. The mess is a bit toned down now. Just odds and ends and then to tackle the cleaning, so that it will shine for the new occupant. For today, I will keep a song in my heart and again muster up energy to continue, as we will soon be on our way..


Killing Time

Good morning! I feel as though I have missing in action and a bit hung over. Not in the way you may be thinking. But just the weight of my current responsibilities.


I don’t know who came up with the term “killing time,” and as I ponder on all the I have to do, I really don’t want to kill time.  But on this particular day I had to wait for my husband to get a hair cut, so I made the best of it..

IMG_4800The little sundress in the window caught my eye



We are all given the same hours in a day. I can’t say that I make the most of all the time. Some moments seem to slip away and before I know it, hours have passed. Procrastination is a time killer…so I’d better get busy. Later!


Tunnel Vision

Since our house is in  escrow I have had my nose to the grind and have had tunnel vision. Shredding paper has become my mission, but our little shredder couldn’t handle it and took a dive.


I really do not like not keeping up to date here, but I have made progress and things will get back to normal, somewhat.. A few images of my world as I see it..


Sometimes life gets blurry when you focus on one thing


When that happens, it’s good to step away


To gain a different perspective