making fun of

Merry or Misery

mean, mocking, making fun of..

misery means misguided

macabre mentality

meant to malign

and manipulate

and create malicious

mouthy ranting


mature minded

meditate and

make merry

a message of

mindful motivation

meant to encourage morale

and not a mucky mess..


Maybe just a muddled moment.. lol! It’s become so very easy these days to pick apart people.. Yes, we do have a voice but does it need to be said in a spirit of meanness..

free write friday

There is Good

I wrote the following after reading some content on my phone, in regards to animal abuse. From that my mind wondered to other kinds of abuse in our world. But prior to all of that, the word good was stuck in my mind. Then my daily reading for today mentioned the word goodness, saying to always look for goodness and mercy.. Here is what followed.

look and you will find, that there is good, there is good all of the time-there are good people who live every day, who do good-and if you watch, and hear what they say- and see how they give and not take away- but willing to help those in need-not swollen with pride, or tempted with greed-not rebellious at heart, but live life to care-so never think that goodness is never there-for the truth is that good exists, and is around- but is often not noticed and is very quiet in sound…