do we leave


nothing is hidden

when we’ve been unkind

we all leave our mark

from words unsaid

or maybe too many

and in that case we may dread

damage control

is often hard

and to admit


it’s heart

that matters

not the money

and prestige…

what impressions will you leave?

High Places

Archives II1the wind beneath my wings

carries me high

above earth’s troubles

the things, that make me cry..

off to high places

where i can look and see

people who are broken

just like you and me…

life is not easy

sometimes it’s tough

feeling like we muddle

through all of the stuff..

but when our hearts are tender

that’s when we can be strong

a time to embrace life

with the will to go on…


Autumn Musing


autumn leaves

smile at me

as they hang, most beautifully..


waiting to be whisked away

to dance their last steps


as they go out in a blaze of glory..

to their final place of rest




Bumps in the Road


life is unpredictable

we never know from day-to-day

even when the sun shines

there can be sadness in the way..

trials seem to surface

money can be lean

but what kind of human would we be

if we didn’t feel life’s sting?

we learn from our experiences

as we press on through the pain

richer we’ll end up

as we share along the way..

for it’s in the giving of what we have

and in knowledge

do we gain..



sjbike9-001Almost a week ago, two friends and I from high school got together and spent almost six hours reminiscing and updating each other on the days of our lives. The area of San Juan Capistrano was a perfect and easy location to meet. We talked and ate, walked and talked some more, and had a desert of frozen yogurt before we parted ways. Each of us has had very different experiences and to sit and listen to our condensed version of forty some years was truly special.

retracing steps

one at a time

when we were young

not all was fine..

years have caught up

and now we know

so much about life

we have learned and grown..

miles have distanced us

but not in our hearts

regrouping together

gives us a brand new start..

                                                r gould