A Walk in the Park

Nothing like a walk to clear the mind..

DSC_0135make each day count

in some little way

leave yesterday behind

for this is a new day

don’t dwell on the negatives

for it won’t feed your soul

only zap you of energy

 and down you will go

so look up today

from where your help comes

and be filled with the love

and the peace of the Son..

                                        r gould


Weekly Photo Challenge: Broken

This weeks challenge at Daily Post is Broken. I find myself being eager to find out what the challenge is. When I do I go on a scavenger hunt of sorts, looking for what I may have on hand, that will work for the theme.

DSC_0007things break

DSC_0029people break

DSC_0036from loss



DSC_0028the ability to sing or play music

is temporarily gone

DSCN6304but the good news is that some things can be repaired

broken people

can heal..

broken people

can overcome..

broken people

can forgive..

broken people are forgiven


with nothing missing..nothing broken

Psalm 34:18

Broken Together

Fruit of Our Labor

Some days I don’t get beyond our backyard. It has become a little haven of peace,  where I have been pouring my energy into. After the tragedy of Nepal and the loss of life I am thinking about what conveniences I could live without. My heart and prayers go out to all, that they will find peace and comfort in the midst of turmoil. That the volunteers stay strong and encouraged. That they be rewarded for the fruit of their labor. In my life the bee’s are buzzing, the sun shines, and the sky is blue. My little concerns are diminished to nothingness and I am content to just be in the present.


He gives beauty for ashes..

Weekly Photo Challenge: Afloat

The Money Tree

The weekly challenge is AFLOAT. As I pondered on the suggestion, I came up with this. What if money grew on trees? What if we could just go out our back door and pick off what we needed for each day.? Money helps to keep people AFLOAT. It pays bills, buy food, clothing and to be able to purchase items needed for living on planet earth. Some squander their money, some save it, some share it, some hoard it and some are good stewards of it.

Downloads135Have you ever considered what you would do if you inherited a large amount of money? Sometimes there are people in our lives that we might want to help out of a financial dilemma. But then handing  money over to someone who is not yet at a place of responsibility can be detrimental. We are not to love money, nor are we to abuse it or cause harm or neglect to others over it. I think if we work for it, and consider others that have need, we will prosper in many ways and it will keep us from drowning in debt and greed.


Sweaters in Waiting


I consider going to  a fabric store to be on my top ten to do list. I love how  the warmth of  the different kinds of fabric, the yarn and all of the notions call out to me. It all kind of gets my creative juices flowing to want to tap in to different creative endeavors. In my quiet time I have been thinking a lot about our first years experience here in Oregon. I appreciate the vastness of the forest, the many bodies of water, the green fields, the rustic barns and the animals. There are areas that I need divine intervention and it’s in God’s presence that I find what I need.. His direction, His comfort, His wisdom and much more. The word reluctant came to me this morning. In my years I have been reluctant to do a lot of things. Mainly out of fear of failure. So it was like, why even bother trying. So from this Hen, don’t be reluctant. Don’t let the years of your youth and life in general slip away as you sit on the fence. Hop off! I wrote a short poem on this a few years ago and will have to locate it. Don’t wait, don’t hesitate, just do it…And make that sweater…lol! The store I visited is called the Stitchin’ Post  in Sisters, Oregon. I will share some tales about this fantastic place in another post…

Whose Heart

DSC_0032My heart has been moved after finding out that a young mother whom we have only met one time, lost a child, in a car accident not too long ago. When I heard this my heart has been silently crying for her.  As Mother’s Day approaches and many of us are thinking  of a loved one, I am thinking of the one’s that are grieving for a child that they will see no more. The following are spur of the moment words, from my heart.

let me, put me, on the shelf, Lord

and put pity party aside

put worldly and empty chatter

away, Lord

and walk along your side

take away the vanity

and all of the insanity

thinking I am so entitled

to what, really

does not matter

let me, put me, on the shelf, Lord

and may I walk with those in pain

may I put on Compassion

which often is not the fashion

for these trying and dark days

put me, on the shelf, Lord

and my selfish desires be put away

so I will see with new eyes

who needs a helping hand each day..

So I write with heart-felt words for those that hurt and are in sorrow, for a loss, or for a prodigal child that you are missing.. I weep with you today…

Cuddl Duds

This morning, I am putting my cuddl duds that I purchased last year, to work, along with my big girl boots. The cuddle duds top, feels good, nice and soft and it will be tested today at our very low temperature. The boots were last year’s Christmas gift and I did not put many miles on them.


My dilemma has been resolved and thank you to those that responded to my need. I will go ahead and post smaller images and I will also check out Flickr as was suggested to me. I feel a bit gabby today. It is my sister’s birthday today, and I wish Julie, a Happy Birthday! We have had our home on the market for several months and it looks like we may moving forward, but I won’t count my chickens just yet. In these months we have taken on the care of feral cats (they are not wild) and now their mother has joined in on getting her share of nourishment. She looks a bit ragged but has managed to survive and she might be growing kitties in her belly. Since the kitties in the garage ordeal our neighbor has shown concern for them and speaks as though they are his. They do live primarily on his property and I can’t blame them as he has a lovely large backyard with trees and wood decks to hide under. But he, our neighbor is not here all of the time. I watch them romp and play and they have such a good time chasing each other and for me to think that capturing them and separating them is the answer, does not appeal to me. It is bittersweet for us as we have grown attached but the truth is that we have four cats and we cannot be moving eight cats across California into Oregon.


This is my son’s family that we wish to be closer too. We hope to relocate somewhere between California and Washington. I realize how fragile my heart has become as I ponder on the fact that I will celebrate another birthday in a couple of months. We live our live’s focused on our needs and wants and then all of a sudden the years have flown by. Family ties get strained and sometime the bonds are broken by hurt, offense, disappointment and un-forgiveness. It is silly for me to think that I can be all things to all people and to all animals. I thank God that I have come to not depend on my own strength and that I can do it all…My faith sustains me and when I lose my focus and I am always gently guided back onto my path. It’s for my safety and my peace…as I let go and let God. Mom’s, dad’s, brother’s, sister’s, aunt’s, uncle’s, cousin’s, grandmother’s and grandfather’s…communicate to your family, to your friends, to the person that you do not know but that could use a smile, for his or her heart to be lifted. Give the gift, it is more blessed to give than to receive…