Pat’s Next Big Step

Good news.. Please continue in prayer for Pat..Thanks so much.

Bailey Road

Pat was transferred yesterday (22 Oct 2015) to a Rehab/Nursing Facility where they have already started on a program to build up her strength with coming home as the goal. She was in the hospital 42 days.

Pat still has some medical issues that need to be addressed, but she needs to get stronger to be able to take care of those.

Hopefully within the next few weeks, Pat will be back on this blog. We’re all working hard to bring her home.

Thanks again for all your prayers and good wishes.  Pat still needs them.


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weekly photo challenge

Weekly Photo Challenge: Change

I want to begin my morning with this update from Pat’s husband. As some of you may recall I shared the link to her blog, Bailey Road. Her husband had requested prayer for his wife, Pat. I want to thank you on her behalf, for those that kept her in your hearts, and prayed for her recovery. Good news today, her condition has changed and improved, although their dog, Chloe is stilling missing.  But we know that all things are possible with God. Please pray for her continued recovery and for Chloe’s safety and return. If you want to read the update please click on the link.. xx

writerme5Just as the Seasons change, so do the Seasons of our lives. Autumn is a beautiful time of the year and a time for self reflection and exploration of my heart. I want to be flexible and acknowledge what needs to be changed. Not to remain stagnant or stuck, but free and healthy in my thought life. I am linking to the Weekly Photo Challenge of Change.



Fruit of Our Labor

Some days I don’t get beyond our backyard. It has become a little haven of peace,  where I have been pouring my energy into. After the tragedy of Nepal and the loss of life I am thinking about what conveniences I could live without. My heart and prayers go out to all, that they will find peace and comfort in the midst of turmoil. That the volunteers stay strong and encouraged. That they be rewarded for the fruit of their labor. In my life the bee’s are buzzing, the sun shines, and the sky is blue. My little concerns are diminished to nothingness and I am content to just be in the present.


He gives beauty for ashes..

pacific crest trail

New Name and Calling in Life

DSCN5254On January 31 rst, I wrote this…Mother Hen.Well, today my husband found this book at an estate sale. Because of this and for another reason I am changing my WordPress online name to Mother Hen. In 1998 my oldest son hiked the Pacific Crest Trail. Since that time I have developed an interest in hikers and now my husband is on board too. Maybe I’ll name him Rooster.Lol! Anyway because April was the kickoff month for Pacific Crest Trail hikers to start their journey, I have decided to follow some of their blogs and journals.

dscn6542-001.jpgThis path will lead to the trail in Whitewater, California. The trail starts along the California/Mexico border.

DSC_0187We came across this sign a few weeks ago while on our way to Sisters, Or

dscn3681-004.jpgThis is the way to get to the trail from the road. There is quite a big area of burned out trees. Because we have only been in Oregon since Christmas Day I don’t know when the fire took place. The PCT is 2,650 miles. In my Mother Hennish ways, I shall be on the sidelines, saying some prayers and cheering them on for a successful journey.

free write friday

# FWF Free Write Friday: Special Edition# Team Khole

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThere is a very special request from Kellie Elmore. To get all of the important details, please visit her  blog. Kellie is the host to this weekly meme that has recently spurned me to participate. A precious baby boy is needing our good thoughts and prayers. Today we have the option of using two different prompts. You will see what I have chosen, by reading the words below.

Dearest baby Khole

Jesus loves you

This I know

For my Bible tells me so

On angels wings

Do I send my prayers

Entrusting God, for your care..

Many hearts are all in one accord

Extending our thoughts through love of words

Believing for you to be strong and sound

What looks like a mountain today is only really a mound..

For it’s Faith that moves mountains

And there’s belief in my heart

That you are getting better

Despite a rough start…






up early

before dawn

walking in the shadow of darkness

in calmness and serenity

do i commune

with my higher power

creator of heaven and earth

drinking in peace

and the pleasure of being one

with the Father, Holy Spirit

and the Son

accepted and adored

the apple of His eye

absorbing His presence

before there’s color in the sky..



Staying Afloat


Several days ago I was at the VA Hospital with my husband. I opted to sit outside to watch the geese and ducks. It was sweet to observe this mother duck with her ducklings. There were ten altogether. I spoke to a gentleman and he told me that there is some kind of fish in the small lakes that will kill the babies and that the water turtles will too. My heart sank.. Today I have heard from a friend that there is flooding in Alberta where she lives and she has asked for prayer. There are fires that have caused devastation and there are families that are hurting from loss and problems. Each of us is given so many days  and sometimes the load gets heavy. These little ducklings are trusting that they will be ok and be with their mama and live out their lives doing what ducks do. In my heart I want to protect all from hurt,but in my knowing I know that we all have our own unique path to live out. It comes with various experiences, it comes with sorrow, sadness, joy,love, beauty, inspiration and more. Stand strong in your affliction be grateful for the simple things in life and learn and grow as a human being to bring comfort to others in their time of need.