weekly photo challenge

Weekly Photo Challenge: Express Yourself

The prompt for the Daily Post photo challenge is Express Yourself. I am on a journey of exploration this year. I like processing and using techniques to  transform some of my photos, to give them  a quirky and eclectic look. It fascinates me.. We are still rather new to Oregon, so when we go anywhere my camera is usually with me, and I take pictures as my husband drives.The following are what best express  me at this time in life.

DSC_0083-001Drive-by photography in the city

pdpa Impressionist Brush Texture Set9-002Far out photo art with texture and my buddy, Riley, her curiosity and my silliness..

DSCN1983Working on my still life skills


Chain of Events

dscn5134-002.jpgI am not a spring chicken. I have mentioned that before and so I consider myself as a late bloomer, when it comes to creative endeavors. I have tapped into my right brain and am having so much fun. I believe we are all given talents and abilities. Many grasp on to that understanding early in life. That’s a good thing! But then there are some of us that have lacked confidence or encouragement to explore and see what we are capable of, if we just try.