Kid and Cat Tales

What joy it brought me to spend time with these little guys, my grandson’s, even if it was with undivided attention. Lol! I love this photo! It reminds me to my two older son’s who were about the same in years apart.



We have named this kitten, Smokey. He, we think and are not sure yet?? leads the way for the other three. They live under the cover of wood piles and wood decks for shelter. We are feeding them. My heart wonders what to do? Do you leave them to live in the wild and have freedom to roam and explore and just wish them well? I have not seen their mother lately…

photo art friday

Photo Art Friday

2011-065It’s time to display my photo art work for the challenge at Pixel Dust Photo Art. The prompt for this month was SKY. I went through some of my files yesterday looking for a photo to use. This one, that I took in Joshua Tree was greatly enhanced with one of Bonnie’s textures. It is one of many National Park’s that are shut down right now. To view the work of other photo artists, head over to Pixel Dust.



All is quiet on the home-front. Mr. G’s foot appears to be healing nicely. We have had sunshine for several days now and it has helped to melt the snow. There may be some more on its way. I am getting a little antsy and looking for signs of  color up here in these mountains. Down below Iris’s are beginning to bloom. I have decided to brighten up a few photos from last year and add a little color as I wait..

I think this is a weed, but the flowers were pretty so I captured what I saw and added some texture to it.

These plants are unknown to me as well and the picture was taken in New Mexico.

I don’t think I have shared this previously. It too was taken in New Mexico while we were on the train. I really like how I was able  to brighten up the color using Picasa and texture from Pixel Dust Photo Art. I’ll put away my coloring pages for now and be patient for winter to make its exit..

photo art friday

Photo Art Friday

The theme for Photo Art Friday is VINTAGE…This suited me just fine as I had so much fun incorporating Bonnie’s textures with my photos. It was hard for me to narrow my choices down. Like Bonnie’s husband who had surgery recently, so did mine but on his foot, so I did not get around to viewing last weeks submissions. Thank you to those of you fellow Friday artists that responded to my submissions. I appreciate your comments on my work… (: For this challenge I used the following two textures.PDPA  Old Ornate Linen Texture 300 dpipdpa Blue Missive texture

Both of these are lovely and really enhanced the look of my photos

I could not decide between the two of these.They offer a reminder of what is soon to come our way..What I do here is not complicated and done using Picasa. I don’t have steps, as I go along tweaking with this and that until it appeals to me…