Rain in the City

We had to go back to Portland again. We have not learned to have an umbrella in the car with us at all times. We have a few things to learn about life in Oregon. Anyway, I have a few in the car photos to share. We did locate a place to park our car. It was worth the amount we paid to leave it in one place.


Red Cutie

DSCN0439Good morning! I have a very short story about this car. VW’s are my dream cars. Prior to arriving at this destination on Thanksgiving Day, we had stopped at a restaurant at another location to have a cup of coffee. As we walked towards the door we saw this car drive by us. I noticed it and thought that I had missed a photo opportunity. Later we got here, to Silverfalls Lodge and got situated and went off to have our dinner. When we walked out of the building this cute bug was parked here. Now if it had, had my name on it, I would have known it was there for me. Lol!

DSCN0442 Well, it was there for me to take its picture. Anyway I lingered a bit as I took pictures in the rain. It was fun and whom among us does not need a little fun once in a while… (:


It’s Raining, It’s Pouring

Hi folks..after an afternoon of flash-flooding yesterday, it is raining hard once again and the thunder is roaring. Sounds like the heavens are angry.

DSCN9665There are two homes off to the right hand side

DSCN9671In 2010 there was work done to try to channel the water to go in a certain direction. It worked for a while

DSCN9688DSCN9750DSCN9723Me and my shadow