answered prayer

His Eye on You

His eye is on the sparrow, but in this case, it’s a young finch. He caught my husbands eye this morning, as it managed to get a drink from the birdbath. Now this little one sits in the same place and appears to have an injured leg.  I have provided it some seed and more water. I am still assimilating all that has transpired, but it is on my heart to thank one and all, that responded in love and prayed for Jadey’s safety. I praise God for answered prayer, and for those who were active, in their quest to help as they could. I give God all honor and glory, for what he has done, and will continue to do on her behalf. He has a plan and purpose for her, and it is good. I am grateful.. Thank you WordPress community and friends..

God cares for the tiniest of creatures and always has his eye on you too.

I have just returned from checking on little bird, and he has passed away. I buried little bird under the shade and peace of an apple tree.


Prayer for the Children


My thoughts and prayers for all children of Mexico, family members, and also those that have been affected by the harshness of the hurricanes.

And this is the confidence which we have before Him, that, if we ask anything according to His will, He hears us..

                                                                       1 John 5:14



Bird Rescue

This frosty morning as I went out to check up on my favorite cat, I discovered that Riley had a bird pinned down in the clutches of her paws. I immediately went into, “ok”, this is not going to happen mode and told her to drop the bird. Well, not quite in that manner, I may have looked like a wild-eyed woman who was not going to see a bird die. I was able to distract her, probably caused Riley to fear for her life and was more than ready to run inside the house. As the little bird sat on the cement patio, I observed a rapid heart-beat.  I bent down to stroke its little head and it continued to sit there paralyzed by fear. I was not sure what was going on. I decided to move it onto a big flat rock and grabbed one of my husbands worn out cotton gloves for it to sit on. When I picked it up there was a little blood and instead of causing it anymore fear I laid it on top of the glove. I prayed for the bird and spoke words of kindness to it and left it alone in hopes of seeing it fly away. When I went back out to check up on it, it remained on the rock and I told it to go, you are strong and it flew towards our fence.

DSCN0298It sat there for a few minutes and again I coaxed it and said you can fly, you are strong, and at that moment it flew off and away. I don’t know the outcome, but I tried my best to protect and make it feel loved and secure.

DSCN0299Sometimes in life, all we need are words like honey, sweet kind words to remind us that we will get through the muck and the turmoil and that we really can fly..

pacific crest trail

New Name and Calling in Life

DSCN5254On January 31 rst, I wrote this…Mother Hen.Well, today my husband found this book at an estate sale. Because of this and for another reason I am changing my WordPress online name to Mother Hen. In 1998 my oldest son hiked the Pacific Crest Trail. Since that time I have developed an interest in hikers and now my husband is on board too. Maybe I’ll name him Rooster.Lol! Anyway because April was the kickoff month for Pacific Crest Trail hikers to start their journey, I have decided to follow some of their blogs and journals.

dscn6542-001.jpgThis path will lead to the trail in Whitewater, California. The trail starts along the California/Mexico border.

DSC_0187We came across this sign a few weeks ago while on our way to Sisters, Or

dscn3681-004.jpgThis is the way to get to the trail from the road. There is quite a big area of burned out trees. Because we have only been in Oregon since Christmas Day I don’t know when the fire took place. The PCT is 2,650 miles. In my Mother Hennish ways, I shall be on the sidelines, saying some prayers and cheering them on for a successful journey.


Hiking, Beer and Flipflops


Today there were a few casualties up around the waterfall. My husband volunteered to man the kiosk so that picnickers could purchase their day permits. I cannot bear to listen to all of the gory details. I do know that after having lived here for just over a year, I feel as though there are far too many incidents. Big Falls attracts many hikers, families and others to get out in nature and see what is up and around the bend of the path. We have been there several times ourselves and the last time I was there I had no desire to go any further than the metal railing meant for people like me.. At the time it looked pretty treacherous.


According to what my husband heard  the injuries were serious. It was told to him that glass beer bottles were observed lying around and that there had been a serious cut due to falling on broken glass.

I know we can’t live in a protective bubble, but when I hear of injuries and all the many that have lost their lives in Yosemite, I can’t bite my tongue on this matter and I admonish summer thrill seekers to take heed to warnings, wear proper attire, no flip-flops…and if going on a lengthy hike make sure you have plenty of water and that family members are informed as to where you are.. and please no glass bottles.. what you pack in you pack out..


Somewhere Over the Rainbow

Children roam, grassy hills

chasing butterflies, out for child like thrills

lion and lamb sit and watch

toddlers running and tumbling

and having fun..

flowers bright and trees so tall

fruit is falling

it’s a free for all

faces beaming

no more dreaming

happy and contented

somewhere over the rainbow

children are safe and free

whole and healthy

waiting for you and me…

r gould