seasons come and go

we wish for them to end

and move on..

anxiously waiting for coolness, for warmth,

for color, for change

are we ever content?

life, new life, death, new death, lives forever changed

we are seasonal beings,

we get tested

we get irritable

we procrastinate

we want and we want and we want, What?

season’s will groom us, prepare us for change

embrace change, embrace the season’s…of life…


The change of season’s can bring out the best in us or not. Today I look at it as the season’s of our lives. Youth and aging. I want to embrace what comes my way with gratitude.Do I, but I strive for a better outlook. This free write spurns from hearing about the passing of two young men.. It happens each and every day. Their season on earth is complete but not gone in our hearts. There is an appointed time for every event under heaven.. Ecclesiastes

#FWF Free Write Friday: The circle of Life


the ebb and flow

of life

it comes and goes

seasons change

from infancy

and for some old age

innocence and trusting

life is not everlasting

experience, choices


time moves swiftly

the body slows


and beauty

some live

but are shackled


not free


life’s traps

that keep them bound

as they slowly die…inside

facing older age

and recognizing

that time

may be short

but I rejoice in each day

gratitude swells

and goes beyond

what comes my way

not without pain..or sorrow

tears come

but laughter and joy will follow

in the circle of life…


Joining Kellie Elmore and others for Free Write Friday..