A Good Read

I am doing something new here, at Words Like Honey. My goal is too read more than I have been. I don’t know if I got book burn out from my last job, of working in a library. I would often check out stacks of books to one person and my desire to read seemed to dwindle. That was a long time ago, so enough of excuses. I am happy to say, that I completed this book by Rachel Simon. It was a random used book that I came across, at our local Senior center.

This book is a memoir. It kept my interest and it tugged at my heart strings and I was not surprised at the emotion I felt when I finished it. It’s not my goal to critque, just to share what I have read. I will hint that Rachel commits to a year long, of riding buses, that her sister rides daily. Beth knows the routes and the names of all the bus drivers. Rachel learns a lot about her sister’s life and learns a lot about herself. The individuals in this were everyday people, which entails some messy live’s and imperfect people, as we all are.


Let’s Finnish This Up

I am lagging behind on posting recent photos. I have a few new projects going and as I have shared in the past, I do not multitask well. So, for those of you that enjoyed my post on Sweaters in Waiting, I will finish the tour I went on after I got the ok to take pictures. The store is called the Stitchin’ Post in Sisters, Oregon. For you quilt enthusiasts, they will celebrate their fortieth year of hosting a quilt show this summer. From what I have heard and read they hang quilts throughout the town for display and offer workshops and demonstrations for the public. Jeans Wells, who is owner of the store along with her daughter, was in the December issue of American Patchwork and Quilting magazine.

DSCN1430In my entire life I have never done more than sew squares together. I am really living in the dark ages, because the things quilters do is totally inspirational.

DSCN1435DSCN1436DSCN1462DSCN1460DSCN1461DSCN1447Well, that didn’t take long and you should not be tired from the brief tour of this well stocked store. I am pretty sure it has what you need for  your creative sewing and knitting projects..

DSCN1439One more for the road..



A Word that Speaks


We drove east from our home yesterday. Our destination was Sister’s, Oregon. It is all mountainous and we saw some very interesting sights. I have been mulling over in my mind the last few days which word or words might jump out at me.. and wa la.. It is potential. As human beings we all have room for growth, no matter the age. I don’t ever want to think that I have arrived or achieved or that there is not anything I don’t need to work on. Today I am thinking about, So as a man thinketh, so  is he. What we think about, what we dwell on really does make a difference. There is a lot of garbage out in the universe and it will have an impact on you, or me if that is what we keep our focus on..


Let the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart, be acceptable to you O Lord, my rock, my redeemer.

                                                                                                                                       Psalm 19:14