My son Eric and his grandmother

It has been months of birthdays.. Starting in May with a newborn, then her little brother, then their mother, my daughter, then my oldest son and today my youngest son and my husband. While rummaging through pictures, my heart strings are pulled, as I think about my children and how they have grown to be responsible young adults. I must admit, though, that sending a birthday wish, through a text or a phone call, does not take the place of hands on and giving the individual a hug… I hope you all feel the Love….

I am sure you all have been thinking that I have been away on a luxury cruise or something like that…The truth is that we are motivated to relocate. We want to be able to see our young grandchildren on a more regular basis. We began the momentum by having two garage sales and sorting through things we had not seen in over three years. It was not fun! All of the little stuff like dried up pens, nails and bolts and tiny miscellaneous things were a real pain… grumble grumble. Then heavy things that were impossible for me to move was frustrating. After about a month of numerous trips to our local thrift stores, we got our garage cleaned up and organized. It looks wonderful! It was worth the hard work, and after all of that and prayer,  it was decided for us, that we should stay put a bit longer. In time we hope to purchase a trailer and experience a nomadic life style. Quite a while ago I changed my settings here at WordPress to be able to read blogs at my Reader. It is not working out well for me. I think it was better when I was notified through my email inbox. Now I have to figure out how to switch back to the other method. I am also contemplating starting up a new blog.. Here I go again.. I hope you are all having a good summer or whatever season you may be in. I look forward to getting back into the swing of things.. Remember that God is good, and all of the time.. xx

Weekly Photo Challenge:Security


in my daddy’s arms i am fine

secure from what, i think is mine

i am not quite two

and can’t make wise decisions

on what i should do

so i will wait until i am three

and in the meantime i will rest

in arms that hold me close and best..

                                                r gould

It’s time for the Daily Post’s, weekly photo challenge of Security

gratitude week: day seven

DSCN0247-007on this day of rest

i am grateful

for introspection

a time to look


and search

for what may be amiss

as i reflect on


in life

recent and past

thankful for all

even the hard lessons

not so easy

but have helped to form

who i am..

memories of a baby boy

born to me this day

thank you young man..

for the privilege

of being your mother

for family and friends

reminders of growth

for the sweet transparent

and grateful


that shared this week

thank you..

to all that read and follow

thank you!

for life that pleases

but always enough unease

to  keep me looking


lifting  praise

and thanksgiving

 from my quiet corner of the world..

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One of My Chicks

On May 2, 2014 I posted this. Those of you that read it, will remember. Well, I wanted to share one of Mother Hen’s chicks, that hiked the Pacific Crest Trail in 1998. Here are a few photos that Mark compiled into a little mini book after his experience.

DSCN5705Here he is cleaned up and ready to go. Did you notice that fabulous smile?


DSCN5711Here he is looking like a mountain man. My chick is forty years young now and I am the old!

I have been keeping up with some of the hikers and reading about their experiences on the trail. I am learning new terminology and reading a lot about blisters, dehydration, hunger and wind, and I cannot forget the snakes. I really admire these individuals. There are not porta potty’s along the way, so one must get creative.There are no conveniences on the trail, but there are trail Angels (people) who provide space to camp out on their property and offer water, showers and food. As Memorial Day approaches I am thinking about how fortunate we are here in America, to be able to take on a challenge like this. There is no one taking away our freedom to hike the trails throughout the United States. Things are getting shaky even here in the US, but we are a blessed country and we should count our blessings everyday. As I write this, there is a pregnant woman from another country in prison because of her faith, and they are holding her young son behind bars too. This should not be. Thank God for the privileges we have, and for all of those that serve our country, and to you, I say ” Thank You.”

I am Proud to Be An American