Just Do It

When out and about, I like to observe people. I notice the homeless, the happy, the sad, the stressed out, the professionals, the blue-collar workers, the child that perhaps is unhappy, the mother that has lost her patience. My photography is not on a professional level, but it reminds me of those I have encountered along my journey of life and experiences. I capture the moment and can go back to observe and often to be inspired. On our recent road trip I was delighted to capture these individuals in their process of creativity. For a long time I have wanted to draw and go beyond my comfort of photography.





I was curious about what these woman were doing and found out that they were sketching and painting. The one on the left was instructing. I admired their artwork and I was told to Just Do It. So today I shall sharpen my new pencils and see what I come up with.


Where You’ll Find Me

I think I may have used this title before but it seems to fit for this post today… For the gardeners at heart… I can see myself tinkering around a place like this. Helping plant enthusiasts with their purchases. I think we plant lovers are happy people or at least we set aside our bad days with digging in the dirt and getting it under our fingernails.. Which reminds me that I have some Snapdragons to plant.. (: