What’s New in Brownsville

Today we went to one of our favorite coffee shop’s for lunch. It is located in the town of Brownsville, Or.  I was pleased to discover a charming little store next door, that has recently opened.  The proprietor, Dana, gave me permission to take photos and of course I was thrilled.


Not 2 Shabbee is my kind of place.. A little mixture of this and that, with a lot of vintage charm and  beautiful handmade items. Come along with me on this tour. It will only take a few minutes.








And just one more..


As you can see, Dana has a flair for decorating. It is so well put together. I sure hope you enjoyed the brief visit. I look forward to going back, when we are in the area. Thank you, Dana, for allowing me to browse with my camera. I wish you the best!





You May Have Noticed

That have I not been consistent with my visits lately. I have taken on a part-time, temporary position, in a library. Who could say “no,” to that.. It was a total  surprise, and I am thankful for the opportunity to once again work with books. I also want to thank new readers. I appreciate the time you have taken to check out and follow, this little blurb of a blog…  (:


We discovered this book store in the city of Corvallis. It’s a mixture of new and used books and not a store, that you can run in and out of easily. I will go back when I have time. Does anyone else feel like their day goes by, like eighty miles and hour? Well maybe that’s an exaggeration..


Let’s Finnish This Up

I am lagging behind on posting recent photos. I have a few new projects going and as I have shared in the past, I do not multitask well. So, for those of you that enjoyed my post on Sweaters in Waiting, I will finish the tour I went on after I got the ok to take pictures. The store is called the Stitchin’ Post in Sisters, Oregon. For you quilt enthusiasts, they will celebrate their fortieth year of hosting a quilt show this summer. From what I have heard and read they hang quilts throughout the town for display and offer workshops and demonstrations for the public. Jeans Wells, who is owner of the store along with her daughter, was in the December issue of American Patchwork and Quilting magazine.

DSCN1430In my entire life I have never done more than sew squares together. I am really living in the dark ages, because the things quilters do is totally inspirational.

DSCN1435DSCN1436DSCN1462DSCN1460DSCN1461DSCN1447Well, that didn’t take long and you should not be tired from the brief tour of this well stocked store. I am pretty sure it has what you need for  your creative sewing and knitting projects..

DSCN1439One more for the road..



A Little Gem

image(3)I am quickly learning about what’s what in our surrounding communities. On our way back home from Lowe’s in Eugene, we stopped in Coburg where we discovered a beautifully maintained antique store…

DSCN4251Janice Johnston, owner of the store gave me permission to take pictures. I kept my inner squeal to myself. (Big grin) Each of the rooms in this old historical house are color coordinated and organized.

image(25)I really appreciated the detail to pricing of the items. I was able to read them without my glasses.We have learned that in September, Coburg offers a huge Antique Fair. It was quite obvious to me that there is a lot of heart that goes into making Primrose Lane stand out like a gem in the small community of Coburg. I look forward to going back again.



Look At What I Found

imageI was so pleased to come across these cookbooks. Ellen, over at Happy Wonderer, is one of the contributing cooks for both of them . Because I am not up to copy and pasting using this iPad, please visit her, here at WordPress. She is quite the hostess with the mostest, with her warm and inviting personality.