summer mood


summer mood

a bit subdued

heavy heart

from fires that start

loss of life

and loss of home

exhausted bodies

people bemoan

and question why

God bring comfort

and please

 rain down on them..

                                                                                                          r gould



Free Write Friday

In Other Words and Pictures

paddle glide paddle glide

skim across the water

best friends by my side

what better way

to spend a summer day

than to

paddle glide paddle glide


furry four legged friends

by my side~

                                                                                                  r gould

weekly photo challenge

Weekly Photo Challenge: Morning

There is no better way, than to start my day off,  with time to be still and listen to the world around me, as it wakes up. The chatter of birds, the buzz of the bees, the dance of the flowers and the swaying of trees.. Hmm.. that last sentence was not planned. Lol! Anyway back to the Morning challenge at the Daily Post. This morning felt more like a fall day. Oh goodie! Actually we have had a mild summer. These photos were taken on August 2nd. This little visitor hung around for a while to pose rest. On a side note, our internet service has been touch and go lately,  therefore it is curtailing my activity here at WordPress greatly. Bummer!