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Weekly Photo Challenge: Afloat

The Money Tree

The weekly challenge is AFLOAT. As I pondered on the suggestion, I came up with this. What if money grew on trees? What if we could just go out our back door and pick off what we needed for each day.? Money helps to keep people AFLOAT. It pays bills, buy food, clothing and to be able to purchase items needed for living on planet earth. Some squander their money, some save it, some share it, some hoard it and some are good stewards of it.

Downloads135Have you ever considered what you would do if you inherited a large amount of money? Sometimes there are people in our lives that we might want to help out of a financial dilemma. But then handing  money over to someone who is not yet at a place of responsibility can be detrimental. We are not to love money, nor are we to abuse it or cause harm or neglect to others over it. I think if we work for it, and consider others that have need, we will prosper in many ways and it will keep us from drowning in debt and greed.