Snail Mail

Today I am sharing postcards, that I have received recently. The top one is from Poland and the bottom one from Russia. For years I had been one to have interest in pen-paling. Sending a word of encouragement has always been important to me. In my young years I had friends that got to travel and have experiences, that took them to fun and interesting places. I made a point of keeping all of the postcards. It totally amazes me how thoughtful people are. It takes time to go through the process of getting the name, choosing a postcard, writing and purchasing international stamps. Sometimes there may be tiny stickers added and such kind sentiments. What’s more important is that I get to pray for those that I am sending a postcard to, and for those that I receive from. If this appeals to you check out postcrossing. It’s very much a blessing and I am thankful for the opportunity to do this. ps The one from Russia came just as in this photo. It was a bit dilapidated, but with all of those miles, I might be too.