Sweaters in Waiting


I consider going to  a fabric store to be on my top ten to do list. I love how  the warmth of  the different kinds of fabric, the yarn and all of the notions call out to me. It all kind of gets my creative juices flowing to want to tap in to different creative endeavors. In my quiet time I have been thinking a lot about our first years experience here in Oregon. I appreciate the vastness of the forest, the many bodies of water, the green fields, the rustic barns and the animals. There are areas that I need divine intervention and it’s in God’s presence that I find what I need.. His direction, His comfort, His wisdom and much more. The word reluctant came to me this morning. In my years I have been reluctant to do a lot of things. Mainly out of fear of failure. So it was like, why even bother trying. So from this Hen, don’t be reluctant. Don’t let the years of your youth and life in general slip away as you sit on the fence. Hop off! I wrote a short poem on this a few years ago and will have to locate it. Don’t wait, don’t hesitate, just do it…And make that sweater…lol! The store I visited is called the Stitchin’ Post  in Sisters, Oregon. I will share some tales about this fantastic place in another post…

Walk in the Light

If I don’t pay attention I might miss something beautiful. Sometimes life will keep us boxed in, in our little world. Whatever it may be… I made a point of walking the premises of our yard..to capture…what I could….as I walk in the light of life..

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I’m For the Birds

Our room with a view is not very dramatic. The scenery does not vary much except for a beautiful mountain range that I get to look at. I love when the clouds settle around it or when it is covered with snow. My camera is either capturing flowers, succulents or birds. No eagles or owls but sparrows or humming birds..We will have an 0ccassional blue jay visit but they are often too fast for me to capture. This little hummer was shielding himself from the rain recently and I infringed on his privacy as he did a little grooming. The sparrow paused long enough for me to grab my camera and catch it as it perched on the clay pot..I almost forgot to include visits from neighborhood cats.. Meet Simba!

We found out from this cat’s owner that he chews on electrical cords just like our Siamese.