You May Have Noticed

That have I not been consistent with my visits lately. I have taken on a part-time, temporary position, in a library. Who could say “no,” to that.. It was a total  surprise, and I am thankful for the opportunity to once again work with books. I also want to thank new readers. I appreciate the time you have taken to check out and follow, this little blurb of a blog…  (:


We discovered this book store in the city of Corvallis. It’s a mixture of new and used books and not a store, that you can run in and out of easily. I will go back when I have time. Does anyone else feel like their day goes by, like eighty miles and hour? Well maybe that’s an exaggeration..

Festival of Leaves 2016: week 7


i’ll meet you there

in the season of change

i’ll meet you there

when life is not the same

i’ll meet you there

in the calm of my heart

for my love remains

in the season of change..

                                    r gould

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November 15,1999~October 16, 2016

My sister’s best friend has moved on to the sweet by and by today. He has been a faithful furry friend, companion, and bundle of joy in Julie’s life for many years. Rest in peace little Andy.

Photo credit goes to my sister, Julie