Sunday Soul Search

Birds of a Feather


A few months ago we started feeding the birds. This is what we are using, until we can find something more suitable. So far no complaints. It has been a crazy day of rain, wind, some sunshine and now more wind. I have had a great time observing the birds in our backyard.


I have no idea what these birds are. If there is someone that can identify them for me, I’d really appreciate the information.


2017-05-11 15.17.46-2

Sunday Soul Search

Weekly Photo Challenge:Reflecting


I had plenty of time to reflect while on a train trip and also to observe natures artwork of reflections in the water..


Cormorants are reflecting too.. At the Daily Post, the topic for the week is Reflecting.

Sunday Soul Search

Weekly Photo Challenge: Danger!


Whenever I see a situation like this, I tend to cringe. I don’t want to see any animal, be in danger of getting hurt or losing it’s life.

For the weekly theme of Danger, you can link here to the Daily Post

Sunday Soul Search