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Sunday Soul Search

January 21, 2018


Weekly Photo Challenge:Silence

January 17, 2018


My kind of quiet…

The Daily Post weekly challenge is Silence

Sunday Soul Search

January 14, 2018


Weekly Photo Challenge: Weathered

January 13, 2018


The challenge for the week at the Daily Post is Weathered. As we walked along a path, I stopped to observe this bit of beauty in the ground. Apparently a tree root had tried to grow there, but had been cut back, so as to not obstruct the path. Because it has been walked on repeatedly it has brought out the beauty of this weathered burl.


January 9, 2018


Snuggle, kitty cat

snuggles are free

better to be indoors

than stuck in a tree

stay indoors

where it is safe

where feral cat’s

can’t get you

and won’t give chase

to a tabby girl

who is mild and sweet

but best not get to close

to the flying critters

that have a beak..



Sunday Soul Search

January 6, 2018


Sunday Soul Search

December 31, 2017