It’s In the Giving and I Got Mail

I love this time of the year. It represents many things to me but the best part of it, is not the commercial aspect of giving, but that it does drum up generosity into the hearts of many that don’t normally give on a daily basis.  Giving does not have to  cost very much. .Well, the truth is that it may cost you a little time, a little effort. A few kind words can make a difference in someone’s day, especially if they are having a bad day. Ever have one of those?  I base my life on giving in some way each day. While on the job it may be just a smile and a caring attitude. It is not a whole lot but it’s what I can do. Each of us that blog’s gives of themselves in the sharing of their lives with either words, photography or music. What a wonderful thing it is to see, hear or read something that may inspire us. Inspiration is shared and then it will cause someone to wonder, to explore and then maybe to dream and to hope.  There are a lot of opportunities to give and many will tug at our hearts with their adds and commercials. From saving the whales, feeding the hungry, animal adoption, providing warm clothing, serving at a  shelter etc. The needs in our world are enormous. We can all find our place.. I am sharing a link that was shared with me. Postcrossing will give you an opportunity to send off a postcard and you will receive one as well . Funny how simple things can bring us (me) joy~ These are the ones I have received so far. The one with the is what I got in the mail today. As you can see from the stamp it is from New Zealand. I have been a collector of postcards and stamps so it is a fun way to keep it up. Life is to be lived at it’s fullest and the best way to get there is by giving.. It is watch out!  This link tugs at my heartstrings. Friends of the Pine Ridge Reservation