Rock War

What a day it has been and it is still early. Oh, by the way I have a new look again. I think it suits my style..kind of takes after my Mosaic Mondays… Anyway, our place of residency has tight quarters when it comes to having space. We have a neighbor that has tried to find fault with us since 2003. Of course I take his age in to consideration and most likely at a time in life when the mind is shifting gears a bit. But, he is really good at provoking. Maybe he has had many years of practice. I say this not to be mean but I am a peace-maker and usually one to be on the sidelines cheering people on… We have rocks that have been a problem to him..they sit and don’t move until he decides that they are on his property and then he throws tosses them in a manner to show us that he’s had enough of the rocks quietly sitting there not bothering anyone except for himself. It has been kind of funny to observe this but we are at a point where we have had enough. “No” there was no exchange of rocks flying in the air… just words.. So all of this makes think of these photos I took recently. I don’t think I can make them look better but if you study them you will surely see that someone took time to place these rocks for what purpose he/she had in mind..

I was fascinated by the detail of the placement of small rocks. It must have taken a little time and patience to create this little rock city.. All of this helps me to relax as I have come in from doing rock rearranging and I certainly hope it brings harmony and peace of mind to all. We soon will be moving away from this location..Yay! But in the mean time I hope those rocks behave..