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Listening With My Eyes

As I began eating my lunch, I looked up and observed this woman sitting alone.She ate slowly, would take a sip of tea and then ¬†gaze towards the window. She caught my interest. She actually made me aware of how fast I was eating. I am an observer of people, mainly because I know they have a story. They have history, they have experiences. Some have sorrow and sadness in their lives. Some have had success, and some are lonely. So in my way, as I listen with the eyes of my heart, I care… You may be interested to know, that I actually asked permission to take this woman’s photograph. I wanted to capture her because, I thought that she, woud be an interesting subject to draw or paint. As we later engaged in conversation, I learned a few things about her. I was so glad that I was bold enough to talk to her.Sometimes, not talking or communicating with someone, may mean a missed opportunity to get to know a sweet kind and interesting soul…¬†20160227_114854-1