drive-by photography

Drive By’s

I am usually in the passenger’s seat. My husband, the pilot likes to be in control. He has far more experience than I do when it comes to the in and outs of traffic. Sometimes I clench my fists and say nothing lol! Or immediately pray.. I prefer wide open spaces such as driving from southern California to southern Utah. It was often just you and the truckers. Las Vegas was a challenge depending on what time of day it was. So, my point today is that I like to take photos while driving. Many of them are worthless but once and a while there might be a decent one. I might have to do a little photo editing.. I like going back and really looking at a photo..In the first one I hadn’t noticed the bicycle and do you see the dent in the back of the vehicle? I wonder what kind of day you may be encountering.. Yesterday it was a beautiful day! Have a great one..