A Walk in the Rain

IMG_6933Though the rain may fall and the wind be blowing,

And old and chill is the wintry blast;

Though the cloudy sky is still cloudier growing, and dead leaves tell that the summer has passed;

My face I hold to the stormy heaven,

My heart is calm as the summer sea,

Glad to receive what my God has given,

Whate’er it be.

When I feel the cold, I can say, “He sends it,”

And His winds blow blessing, I surely know;

For I’ve never a want but that He attends it;

And my heart beats warm, though the winds may blow.

                                                             author unknown to me..



DSCN4610Exquisite are the details of creation

DSCN4617The master and original gardener

DSCN4601Did this for you and me..

Psalm 24:1

The earth is the Lord’s and all that is in it

In the past few weeks I have gained a new respect and perspective on…Nothing earth shattering. Just understanding and appreciation for the little things in life. My hubby, Mr. G. has needed my assistance as he recovers from an infection in his shoulder. I will not elaborate, but my little world was shaken a bit, after all he is the chef in this house. I am laughing at this. What is true, is that I am thankful for the capabilities of Doctor’s and Nurse’s, for their commitment to attend to the needs of the sick and infirmed. He has a wonderful nurse that has been assigned to see him once a week, to check up on him, and make sure that all is intact. Tremendous… In all of this I look at the world around me… a little confined right now, but I am focusing on the blessings of life on earth, in the simplicity of a little flower that smiles at me and brings me joy. I am taking time to get my house in order…that includes my heart..doing some weeding there,  to make room for what is healthy, so that it will bloom and be beautiful.


At Your Pace


One step at a time..


One foot forward..

Run with patience the race that is set before us…Hebrews 12:1-3

In the long run the sharpest weapon of all is a kind and gentle spirit.

                                                                                                          Anne Frank



seasons come and go

we wish for them to end

and move on..

anxiously waiting for coolness, for warmth,

for color, for change

are we ever content?

life, new life, death, new death, lives forever changed

we are seasonal beings,

we get tested

we get irritable

we procrastinate

we want and we want and we want, What?

season’s will groom us, prepare us for change

embrace change, embrace the season’s…of life…


The change of season’s can bring out the best in us or not. Today I look at it as the season’s of our lives. Youth and aging. I want to embrace what comes my way with gratitude.Do I, but I strive for a better outlook. This free write spurns from hearing about the passing of two young men.. It happens each and every day. Their season on earth is complete but not gone in our hearts. There is an appointed time for every event under heaven.. Ecclesiastes


Cuddl Duds

This morning, I am putting my cuddl duds that I purchased last year, to work, along with my big girl boots. The cuddle duds top, feels good, nice and soft and it will be tested today at our very low temperature. The boots were last year’s Christmas gift and I did not put many miles on them.


My dilemma has been resolved and thank you to those that responded to my need. I will go ahead and post smaller images and I will also check out Flickr as was suggested to me. I feel a bit gabby today. It is my sister’s birthday today, and I wish Julie, a Happy Birthday! We have had our home on the market for several months and it looks like we may moving forward, but I won’t count my chickens just yet. In these months we have taken on the care of feral cats (they are not wild) and now their mother has joined in on getting her share of nourishment. She looks a bit ragged but has managed to survive and she might be growing kitties in her belly. Since the kitties in the garage ordeal our neighbor has shown concern for them and speaks as though they are his. They do live primarily on his property and I can’t blame them as he has a lovely large backyard with trees and wood decks to hide under. But he, our neighbor is not here all of the time. I watch them romp and play and they have such a good time chasing each other and for me to think that capturing them and separating them is the answer, does not appeal to me. It is bittersweet for us as we have grown attached but the truth is that we have four cats and we cannot be moving eight cats across California into Oregon.


This is my son’s family that we wish to be closer too. We hope to relocate somewhere between California and Washington. I realize how fragile my heart has become as I ponder on the fact that I will celebrate another birthday in a couple of months. We live our live’s focused on our needs and wants and then all of a sudden the years have flown by. Family ties get strained and sometime the bonds are broken by hurt, offense, disappointment and un-forgiveness. It is silly for me to think that I can be all things to all people and to all animals. I thank God that I have come to not depend on my own strength and that I can do it all…My faith sustains me and when I lose my focus and I am always gently guided back onto my path. It’s for my safety and my peace…as I let go and let God. Mom’s, dad’s, brother’s, sister’s, aunt’s, uncle’s, cousin’s, grandmother’s and grandfather’s…communicate to your family, to your friends, to the person that you do not know but that could use a smile, for his or her heart to be lifted. Give the gift, it is more blessed to give than to receive…