Twisted and Showing Color


This cucumber vine caught my eye this morning> It’s pretty cool how a plant will make its way to grasp onto anything as it grows.


Here it is in color


We have seven tomato plants, There are Better Boys, Big Boys and one Celebrity. I wonder if there are any Atta Girls?


I love the color as they change..but they will make your mouth pucker because they are soooo sour..


Where You’ll Find Me

I think I may have used this title before but it seems to fit for this post today… For the gardeners at heart… I can see myself tinkering around a place like this. Helping plant enthusiasts with their purchases. I think we plant lovers are happy people or at least we set aside our bad days with digging in the dirt and getting it under our fingernails.. Which reminds me that I have some Snapdragons to plant.. (: