hodge podge

It comes With the Territory

I am sharing a bit more of our spring snowstorm we had almost two weeks ago. This ivy was not affected by it whatsoever.. The following are a hodgepodge of photos..

We ventured out of our yard and took in a few sights of our community…Ally, our most curious cat….

Yard art…

This is the waterfall that Forest Falls is known for..We have noticed that our appetites have increased. It must be the higher elevation and fresh air, plus we are still working hard.

There are different birds here. Sparrows are not common like they were down below.. We get to grow different plants such as Gardenias  and Azaleas because of the acid from the pine needles and oak leaves. It’s a whole different learning experience. The sun is out, the snow is melting and our next project is to have new wood flooring installed in the laundry room and kitchen. A neighbor recommended someone for the job and he is really reasonable. I think I will be painting this weekend.. I am thankful for all.. (:

hodge podge


Good morning world! I woke up very early this morning unable to sleep. My thoughts were  on attitudes..Sometimes someones attitude will cut you to the core when unprepared and not expecting meanness to come out of their  mouth. So in the wee hours of the morning and after having said a prayer for the woman’s heart I wrote a poem..yes, I do pray for my enemies. It starts with mean people stink~their mouths say phew (fyoo, pfyoo)their hearts are black, their eyes will stab you. It goes on and is not inspirational or heart warming but as I read it again, it is  kind of funny and now I can laugh.On my journey I look to the beauty in nature. Most often I find it to be much easier to do so than in a human. This is what I have seen so far..hodge-podge bouquet

Hodge-Podge Bouquet

Photo Editing

I’d like to introduce you to, two different bloggers..Two very different styles but both unique and worth your time visiting. Ethel as she is called at her blog has a heart the size of the universe. She is a gifted writer and has rescued many cats in her neighborhood. She has always encouraged me along my blogging journey.. And for that I thank her…www.ethelandthecrow.blogspot.com

 Mike has a style that I would call off the beaten path. He has an ability to capture the simplicity of beauty whether in an industrial setting  or his experiences out in the country. Even cows that are blocking traffic will look good.. http://tau0.wordpress.com

May my words always be soft and kind and my heart beautiful..rgould