Almost Spring

earth stretches

and slowly awakens

from its  slumber

in no hurry

to please the masses

shivering from the cold

in its time

the earth warms

the ground beneath our feet

the activity of green growth

begins to make an appearance

and very soon

there will be an explosion of color

how very good our God

is to us

as He gifts us

with the beauty of Spring..

                                                                                          r gould


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Weekly Photo Challenge: Spring Dance

20160318_140027This weeks photo challenge is Dance  Many have waited for snow to melt and rain to subside. Some more patiently than others. When I saw these young boys with their fishing gear my heart leaped. I see the beauty of innocence and sweetness of youth.These young fishermen were able to venture out in to a picture perfect day. As Spring approaches we will soon move to the Dance of Spring.

I have not yet learned how to copy and paste on this phone, but am working on it.