Almost Spring

earth stretches

and slowly awakens

from its  slumber

in no hurry

to please the masses

shivering from the cold

in its time

the earth warms

the ground beneath our feet

the activity of green growth

begins to make an appearance

and very soon

there will be an explosion of color

how very good our God

is to us

as He gifts us

with the beauty of Spring..

                                                                                          r gould


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Weekly Photo Challenge: Spring Dance

20160318_140027This weeks photo challenge is Dance  Many have waited for snow to melt and rain to subside. Some more patiently than others. When I saw these young boys with their fishing gear my heart leaped. I see the beauty of innocence and sweetness of youth.These young fishermen were able to venture out in to a picture perfect day. As Spring approaches we will soon move to the Dance of Spring.

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DSCN4610Exquisite are the details of creation

DSCN4617The master and original gardener

DSCN4601Did this for you and me..

Psalm 24:1

The earth is the Lord’s and all that is in it

In the past few weeks I have gained a new respect and perspective on things..life…Nothing earth shattering. Just understanding and appreciation for the little things in life. My hubby, Mr. G. has needed my assistance as he recovers from an infection in his shoulder. I will not elaborate, but my little world was shaken a bit, after all he is the chef in this house. I am laughing at this. What is true, is that I am thankful for the capabilities of Doctor’s and Nurse’s, for their commitment to attend to the needs of the sick and infirmed. He has a wonderful nurse that has been assigned to see him once a week, to check up on him, and make sure that all is intact. Tremendous… In all of this I look at the world around me… a little confined right now, but I am focusing on the blessings of life on earth, in the simplicity of a little flower that smiles at me and brings me joy. I am taking time to get my house in order…that includes my heart..doing some weeding there,  to make room for what is healthy, so that it will bloom and be beautiful.


In the Beginning

I wonder how many of us have been hovering over our plants looking for signs of newness, signs of life in the form of blooms. We have not seen a single snowflake this winter. Maybe a few of you would have been willing to auction some of your snow off to the highest bidder. I like new beginnings and I may be repeating myself but it is true. I appreciate opportunities that allow me to make improvements, to change for the better, to make better choices and decisions. This time of the year represents for many, New Life, Resurrection. A new day to revive perhaps what has gotten stale in our daily regime. Here is a little preview of what’s happening in our yard. I see beauty in the face of a flower. Ladybugs are a reminder that all is ok and that God is in control..

DSC_0027DSC_0011DSCN4381The detail on this pansy blows me away and blesses my soul..

DSC_0030We are called to  walk by faith and not by sight. We were not seeing signs of spring, and even though we knew it was coming we wanted to see evidence. The little plants were doing their thing underneath the blanket of cold. Surviving without our help. Being patient and waiting for their time to shine and put a smile on our faces..