Material Girls

Today was a beautiful, crisp, California style day. After sneezing a gazillion times on the job the day before, I was wanting to spend my day off..hidden and away from the world. But the thought of a doughnut enticed us out of our home. My very dark sunglasses shielded my sensitive, allergy ridden eyes. With only a few dollars in our pockets we decided to visit one of our favorite antique stores. There has been what is considered news lately about someĀ  people that are considered rich and some would call them famous. In my mind I hear ex-cessive… ex-cess : an extreme or ex-cessive amount, going beyond ordinary or proper limits, more than or above what is necessary. I call it greed! Something about this troubles me and seems to hit a nerve of sensitivity. At this time I think about all of the hundreds of people that are unemployed, families unable to remain in their homes, many hungry, hurting individuals and not just in impoverished countries. So when I hear about someone making millions for deeds that in my mind do not qualify for that amount of money, it is disturbing.Sometimes I have to look for a place to quiet my heart such as this..

on this bench

i have sought

i have traveled far

and i have thought

sometimes i have unraveled

i have meditated

i have been inspired

i have created

and i have inquired

i have been still

and i have gotten my fill

of peace that transcends

and has no end..rgould

By the way the cinnamon twist doughnut was good..We share! And I bought a few trinkets and I have hope for mankind, that there will be less greed and more giving.. (: