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Safety First


Just a reminder for those that plan to view the Eclipse.. Protect your eyes and I heard this from someone this morning to not stare. Maybe a good idea to do research on the subject of viewing an Eclipse.. It has been disappointing, to hear that glasses have been sold that are not legitimate. Once again, all in the name of money and no concern for people and the harm that can be done. How about integrity? And concern for the welfare of people.. Safety first~


The Hiding Place


My feather’s were ruffled this morning when I heard about a young woman,that got beat up, while riding a train in Chicago..My heart broke for her as she described the experience and expressed her disappointment that no one came to her rescue. The month of April is recognized as Child Abuse Prevention month. Each time  I scan the land of internet, I read about atrocities committed against young children. There is a song that says, you are my hiding place, you always fill my heart with songs of deliverance, whenever I am afraid, I will trust in you. We all need a hiding place. A place of safety, a place of peace, a place to be still and refuel. My sister told me the other day, that I can’t save the world, and I know that, but I know the one that knows the number of hairs  on our heads . Almighty God cares about every single human being on earth.He sees the tears that stream down the faces of each child, teen and adult.He sees…He hears the cry of our hearts, He hears the pain…There is nothing unnoticed.


He gives, He loves, He cares for you..As the world turns, it would be very easy to lose faith in mankind, but deep in my heart I know that there are good Samaritan’s on planet earth. Maybe they are far and few apart, but there are unsung heroes, that we never hear about…Where is your hiding place?

He who dwells in the secret place of the Most high, shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty.

Psalm 91:1




DSCN9165i am wrapped

in the light

of love


hold me tight

mercy is new

every morning

what was

is left behind

 a new day awaits..


Because of the tender mercy of our God,With which the Sunrise from on high shall visit us. Luke 1:78

pacific crest trail

New Name and Calling in Life

DSCN5254On January 31 rst, I wrote this…Mother Hen.Well, today my husband found this book at an estate sale. Because of this and for another reason I am changing my WordPress online name to Mother Hen. In 1998 my oldest son hiked the Pacific Crest Trail. Since that time I have developed an interest in hikers and now my husband is on board too. Maybe I’ll name him Rooster.Lol! Anyway because April was the kickoff month for Pacific Crest Trail hikers to start their journey, I have decided to follow some of their blogs and journals.

dscn6542-001.jpgThis path will lead to the trail in Whitewater, California. The trail starts along the California/Mexico border.

DSC_0187We came across this sign a few weeks ago while on our way to Sisters, Or

dscn3681-004.jpgThis is the way to get to the trail from the road. There is quite a big area of burned out trees. Because we have only been in Oregon since Christmas Day I don’t know when the fire took place. The PCT is 2,650 miles. In my Mother Hennish ways, I shall be on the sidelines, saying some prayers and cheering them on for a successful journey.


Seeing Double


We are road weary and this picture depicts my vision at this point. Our youngest cat thought she had to serenade me while on our road trip. Riley toned it down today. I asked for angel pockets, protection, and am thankful to only be about two hundred miles from our destination, and also safe and sound. Twenty-four years ago today, I gave birth to a baby girl. Happy Birthday to you…young lady! After being surrounded by huge pine and cedar trees for almost two years, I am liking the wide open spaces….