Not for the Faint Hearted

We met some very nice and interesting people while on vacation. I got pictures of a few and regret that I didn’t for others. I would like to introduce you to Miori , Maxim and Edvin. We met Miori and Maxime  at a fish store in Brookings, Oregon. They had purchased fish and we got to talking to them and they suggested a campground for us to checkout. In our years of driving to Washington it is very natural to see a lot of bicyclists on the road. They seem to accommodate them and it is wonderful to observe the healthy individuals and even better to meet and talk to them.

They had ridden from San Francisco and were  on their way back home . Their home town is Montreal.Two days later we went for a drive and I spotted them near  a market. I was happy to see them again so we made a point of finding them in the store and thanked them for having suggested  the camp ground where we stayed for two nights. Of course I had to take another picture.Miori has been gracious enough to correct my information on them and I appreciate it. ( :

At this point we wished them a safe journey home and I also requested an email address to contact them…We met this next young man at a very primitive campground called Manchester State Park in Manchester , CA. It was off the beaten track but we basically just wanted to set up camp and get settled for the night.

It was extremely windy so we passed on having a campfire. Edvin was walking past our camp site with his bike  and my husband invited him to share our space. Edvin is a young man from Sweden. He has been on a journey on his bike that has taken him through Alaska and was on his way to San Francisco. He had ridden about eighty miles that day. After he set up his tent he joined us for a while and told us about some of his adventures. As he talked he ate at least four bagel, avocado, Laughing Cow cheese and turkey sandwiches. About this time all of my camera batteries needed to be charged so I was unable to take his picture. But, it turns out that he has a blog, so you will be able to see him for yourselves. It just so happens that while we were driving I had taken a picture of a purple house (somewhere) and Edvin also took a picture of the same house too. He got a better shot of it than I did since mine was a drive by..

Edvin’s link is    He is a delightful young man with true grit and determination. I must say I admire these young people with the enthusiasm to set goals for themselves using pedal power and to take themselves away from the comforts of home..