In the Sun Too Long

DSCN5537-005I was outside today and got overheated. I came home red-faced and needed water. I was born in a desert region and I don’t think you get used to it. I think we grow to tolerate it and pray for rain and for a short summer. Anyway, this old wood chair caught my eye yesterday and prompted me to do some far out art. This chair has been out in the sun too.


When Summer Beckons

Any temperature above 75 degrees makes me a bit uncomfortable and summertime fever hits me. Viewing photos of the Oregon coast are most welcoming. These Dahlias were from a yard in Yachats. The owner of the home had the most amazing yard…. I used a texture by Nancy Claey. It is called Omaha. When summer beckons I’ll take either mountains with fresh water stream, lake or a breeze by the ocean. And you? At this time I want to say Thank You..to my new readers..You have not gone unnoticed..Thank you for joining with me at In Other Words and Pictures.. (:

DSCN1528Rain will work too..