I had been feeling off kilter, as though I was losing my balance. Unorganized, too much coffee, too much time on the computer, no exercise, hadn’t  read a book in ages…. Last weeks message at church was on, what has become priority in your life…and I already knew. I had become a couch chair potato long enough. I decided to check out  the local gym…ugh.. I am not a fan of gyms. I put that aside and found out what they had to offer women. I realized that I needed  Balance. I don’t juggle several things at onetime very well..


Each of us has to find what works well for us. What takes care of mind, body, soul and spirit. More water, less coffee, healthier choices. Less of some things and more of others..Balance..



Balancing Act

A few days ago we went on a short hike. It was cold with snow on the ground. Momyer Creek Trail is just a few miles from our home. The trail is protected by massive Oak trees, so therefore very little snow on the trail. My eyes scoured the area looking for things of interest. The New Year has begun and I thought that this balancing Acorn shell to be an appropriate expression of where I am at in life. This image speaks volumes to me. Isn’t it amazing how nature can do that. There are areas of my life that I am challenged by to say it nicely. As I reflect on what change is needed I was reminded that it is all about balance in one’s life.

Life offers us many wonderful opportunities for learning, maturing, growing, making changes, giving, sharing, accomplishing, creating, etc. In all of this I speak to myself in the areas that need change.

With gratitude for each day I will keep on, keeping on, one step and one day at a time…

And speaking of change I have started a new Photo Blog at this link. You can expect to see from quirky to eclectic as time goes on.. and anything in between. Please stop by for a visit…