There are many things in life that we are all accustomed to doing. At the top of the list I’d say is eating, sleeping and waiting..May of us all seem to be waiting for something. At this time of year we are waiting for a break in the weather. For a good old thunderstorm to cool down the hot and steamy earth. Many are waiting for payday, for retirement, for vacation, to buy a home, to sell a home, for graduation, for the birth of a child,to buy a new car, to meet that special man or woman, waiting for the bus or train, waiting for someone to get their act together. What are you waiting for today? Along with this it takes patience…. We have made some decisions in the past week. There had been a time of waiting for us. Now our perspective is a bit clearer. For this moment all I can say is that I am waiting for our Martha Washington Geranium to blossom. I was not sure that it would survive our move. It got a little beat up along the way..

This is Martha from last year…

I think I will get to that first cup of coffee that I have been waiting for..