Liquid Gold

We recently purchased a small jar of honey at a street market. It was delicious! The next time we went back, we purchased the quart size for $15.00. We don’t use a lot of honey, so I think it will last us awhile. On our way through a different town we stopped at their Thursday street market and the same size jar of honey was being sold for $25.00. I am not sure what kind it was, but the amount was too pricey for our pockets. This morning I read a post by blogger Melanie at Love Library. It hit home as she addresses the practicality of living in a frugal manner. She and her husband live in a restored Airstream. They both work and are saving money in hopes of purchasing a house with cash. As I thought about this, it made me review how I spend money, on what, and am I saving any. I thought about how I had just purchased a couple of denim shirts and a pair of denim capris. Well, they were all on sale. I don’t pay full price for any article of clothing. Last November, before going to a wedding, I got online looking at dresses and the prices were crazy. If I am in the vicinity of  thrift store’s  I like to check them out. It’s amazing what you can find at a decent one. Sometimes items are like new. There are many that are living on meager incomes. I would like to think that one could find some bargains at a street market, as in considering that they keep their products at a reasonable rate. I believe that we are meant to be good stewards of  money, and yes, important to consider others with what we have. In this day and age some people live in the MORE is Better mentality.  I know I sure have room for improvement. Prices continue to escalate. I love reading about families that are growing their own food and making use of what they have and being creative. Everyday we are bombarded with ads and commercials that try to influence us to buy this brand or that food.  Maybe it’s time to get my piggy bank out and start filling it up. I just might surprise myself.. ps You may or may not have noticed that I have changed this blog name to Words Like Honey. The reason for this name, is because I truly believe in the importance of words that we use in our everyday life. Words can bring hope and encouragement and in our world of unpredictability they can bring light and sunshine to any heart.


Proverbs 16:24  Pleasant  words are like a honeycomb, Sweet to the soul and healing to the bones.