Cool December

December¬† entered with a “bang” here in Southern, California. We have heard that many were without power for hours and that trees toppled over like domino’s, from the intensity of the wind. There has been much damage to homes and cars. I have not heard of anyone being physically harmed and do hope that, that is the case…The city of Pasadena was hit very hard and that is where the Rose Parade is held each year. It was stated last night on the news that it will takes weeks to clean up all of the downed trees..Snow fell on our local mountains..¬† Winter is on my lists of favorites..sorry..Growing up in the desert did that to me Lol!

Welcome December

long was the summer….long were the days…of heated temperatures…even hot in the shade…how I adore winter…and what it brings…beauty to my soul…in the coolness…my heart sings.. r gould