Good morning! Today I am re-blogging a post from the blog Mobius Faith, I really like what he (Terry ) has to say about Earth Day. It made me think about how we are temporary residents of the earth and we should respect what we have,  appreciate it and take care of it. So my focus is about composting. We have for many years had a compost pile going. Since we have moved we have not established one. We have been busy with other things but it is our intention to get one going.We are in the mountains now so I am wondering if putting scraps of food…veggies will attract critters? Hmm?Like lions, tigers and bears. Well I am kidding but serious too. When we spent days in a tent we learned not to keep food in our jeep. At that time we had a soft-top on it and one tweaked the windows on it to get in. I found bear hair and bear grease on the jeep. At that time since we were not employed we started picking up trash around the campground, bags full. It got to the point that the camp-hosts didn’t charge us for our space in the woods. Most days I have an opportunity to pick up some sort of trash. Sometimes I just want to ignore it and let someone else deal with it..but in my heart I know to do the right thing. It’s like going to a department store and looking at clothing..One place in particular has garments that always seem to fall off the hangers. Do you pick them up or leave them on the floor.. If you choose to pick them up, it could end up in a full time job. Lol! Anyway back to composting. I loved seeing the worms in it…It was a wonderful way to take care of cuttings and anything else that would breakdown and eventually be used in the garden. We have been doing a lot of clean up in this home and a few days ago I mentioned the old contact paper that I was trying to remove.. That stuff is tough and it made me wonder if it ever breaks down in a landfill.. Kind of like the disposable diaper concept. Gives thought to the three R’s that Terry shares..