img_0157-003captive thoughts

set them free

if they don’t make you feel better

they must flee

only occupiers of space

that control your mind

 makes you think

that all is fine

let the light of truth come in

and that’s when true freedom will begin..

                                          r gould

Last night, before I went to bed, I read about some concerns in our community, regarding those, that have been seen abusing their dog in public. It was disturbing! I hate to think that anyone is abused, man, woman, child, baby, animal. From what I read it seemed that very little can be done when seeing someone kick their dog. What can be done? I would like the truth to this, please…Thank you!

self talk



After hearing a very good word on overcoming yesterday, it was clear to me, that I was stuck in an attitude that was only fueling thoughts of defeat. In a web of sorts in my mind. It was making me mentally tired. There is so very much negativity floating around, that we are bombarded with each day. If  we, (I) am not careful, it will consume us (me) in a subtle way. Proverbs 4:23 says, Above all else, guard your heart, for everything you do flows from it. NIV So today I encourage myself to be heart healthy..stop listening to the old worn out record. All it has done is created a deeper groove and playing the same old song of defeat and bondage. What I take in each day affects my thought life.  I choose life, that I may have it more abundantly…



One of My Chicks

On May 2, 2014 I posted this. Those of you that read it, will remember. Well, I wanted to share one of Mother Hen’s chicks, that hiked the Pacific Crest Trail in 1998. Here are a few photos that Mark compiled into a little mini book after his experience.

DSCN5705Here he is cleaned up and ready to go. Did you notice that fabulous smile?


DSCN5711Here he is looking like a mountain man. My chick is forty years young now and I am the old!

I have been keeping up with some of the hikers and reading about their experiences on the trail. I am learning new terminology and reading a lot about blisters, dehydration, hunger and wind, and I cannot forget the snakes. I really admire these individuals. There are not porta potty’s along the way, so one must get creative.There are no conveniences on the trail, but there are trail Angels (people) who provide space to camp out on their property and offer water, showers and food. As Memorial Day approaches I am thinking about how fortunate we are here in America, to be able to take on a challenge like this. There is no one taking away our freedom to hike the trails throughout the United States. Things are getting shaky even here in the US, but we are a blessed country and we should count our blessings everyday. As I write this, there is a pregnant woman from another country in prison because of her faith, and they are holding her young son behind bars too. This should not be. Thank God for the privileges we have, and for all of those that serve our country, and to you, I say ” Thank You.”

I am Proud to Be An American