photo art friday

Flower Abstract

Collages65-012It’s a very bright day today, in my life! It’s Photo Art Friday..I look forward to this meme each month. It’s fun to cut-loose with photo art and just see how far-out I will go.  There are many wonderful textures to choose from Bonnie’s selection. The theme for March is ABSTRACT: Flower. If you are stuck in the doldrums of winter, stop by for a visit, you will experience an instant boost.

photo art friday

February Photo Art Friday

It has been quite a while since I have let my creative flair go for Photo Art Friday. With our recent move out-of-state, I had to curtail my time online. I am back and raring to go… The challenge for this month of February is GRAPHIC/GEOMETRIC/ANGULAR. I worked with a few different photos and could not narrow my choice down to one. So I am going with these for today. In all of them I use my image and then pick a texture from the many choices at Pixel Dust Photo Art.



Downloads119-003As I look out my window, the snowflakes gently fall and it looks like a great day to stay put and let creativity flow…

photo art friday

Photo Art Friday: Open

It’s that special time of the month,for those of us that like to dabble in getting creative with our photos. I look forward to it. You’ll want to take a look at Bonnie Zieman’s photo art for this meme at Pixel Dust Photo Art. The optional theme for today is OPEN/OPENING/OPENED. I love this time of year, when generosity increases in the hearts of mankind. It’s a time to set aside our own needs and look at ways to give to the less fortunate and brighten someone’s day.. Our neighbor’s home makes a charming Christmas image…


photo art friday

Photo Art Friday:Embrace

Welcome to November’s challenge at Pixel Dust Photo Art. The theme is EMBRACE. As always I look forward to this monthly meme. I knew exactly what photo I would be using for Embrace.

pdpa Designer Select Texture Set6-001

This young couple will soon be exchanging their I do’s next week. I used one of Bonnie’s textures and then completed the look at Pixlr.


I was torn about the lighter rendition or the darker.. Anyway the love-birds are off to a bright future..

photo art friday

Photo Art Friday

2011-065It’s time to display my photo art work for the challenge at Pixel Dust Photo Art. The prompt for this month was SKY. I went through some of my files yesterday looking for a photo to use. This one, that I took in Joshua Tree was greatly enhanced with one of Bonnie’s textures. It is one of many National Park’s that are shut down right now. To view the work of other photo artists, head over to Pixel Dust.

photo art friday

Photo Art Friday

Good morning world! We woke up to a sunny day here in southern California. The air is fresh after a nice rain storm and witnessing another flash-flood yesterday, that was not severe. It is time for Photo Art Friday hosted by Bonnie at Pixel Dust Photo Art. She provides lovely textures for us to pick from to create our art-work. The theme for this month is WATER. I decided to go with my flash-flood photos and this is what I came up with.

pdpa Designer Select Texture Set4-002We are on the higher side of the road and so when I hear it(flash-flood) coming, I grab my camera and run across the street to capture the massive amount of water and nature’s debris  coming down. Wherever you are at, enjoy your day and the beauty around you. (: