united kingdom

I Got Mail

Hi friends! Look at what I got from the United Kingdom… Sue Brown at A Creative Place to Be,¬† blogger and artist, had a drawing one day on her blog and picked my name. She asked me for a list of some of my favorite foods. This is her creative touch..I love it Sue and I thank you from the bottom of my heart….. I will frame it and put it in a special place in our home.My husband, being a stamp collector was very impressed with the stamp. He said we don’t have anything like it here¬† in the US. It is a rather large stamp.

Please visit Sue and say “hello.” Each of you inspire me in different ways and I really appreciate the community of friends I have made here at WordPress. I hope your day has gone well. We are busy beavers. We have several projects going at once. Today I also fought with removing years old contact paper.. It took everything I had to do so and I am still not finished. Little Riley was climbing on my legs as I stood on a stool and I am sure it looked comical but it did not feel like it. The snow is melting and I am excited to see that our Bleeding Hearts have survived the cold and I think they are happy to feel the warmth of the sun today..